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July 28, 2018

Revolutionising the Online Casino Industry

Definite expansion for the online casino industry

M2M communications refer to two machines communication with one another across either a wireless or wired network. The goal is to eradicate human intervention. It is this communication that is the basis for IoT, which makes use of a wireless network for devices to communicate. The overall goal for IoT is to collect data for the purposes of analytics and enable your smart device to make decisions.  

IoT and analytics in the Online Casino Industry

Data analytics has been around for a long time. But, the introduction of M2M and the surge of the IoT allows for data to be collected on an incredible scale. Each device connected to the IoT communicates with other devices, transmitting data to be recorded and then analysed.  

What this means for online casinos is that player’s behaviour can be tracked each time you log in to play. Obviously, you add your data to the system when you open your new player account. This automatically creates a profile, which the casino uses to collect data. In turn, the operator can create general ads for specific groups based on interests, age and a range of other demographic information. 

The process gets taken to an entirely other level with mobile casino gaming. Thanks to tablets and smartphones, each model is linked even more intricately with this technology. Mobile devices have a range of sensors that record pressure, motion, photographic evidence and temperature from which operators can gather even more personal information. 

Today’s consumer-driven marketplace demands personal experiences, and this technology is revolutionising the way online casinos achieve this. Operators can make use of this new and emerging technology to offer the tailored experiences that keep players coming back time and again. 

The IoT provides casinos with the platform through which the data is collected and transmitted, and with the soaring popularity of mobile devices, and the everyday use of apps, it’s now easier than ever before to collect data from players. 

Marketing Just for You 

The marketing that the online casino industry collects can now translate into marketing campaigns to draw in players. Players trust tailored marketing as opposed to random, and often intrusive pop-ups. Casinos are running with exactly that idea and targeting advertising as soon as data is collected. 

By monitoring player activity, casinos can guess what games you’re going to play next and which bonus offers you’ll most likely respond to. They then gather even more about you and your preferences based on sensory data. They use the information to send you the best bonuses and promotions – personally. For example, if you only play roulette, you won’t be presented with 100 free spins for the latest slot release. 

There’s no doubt that the IoT and M2M communications have improved marketing, in turn improving your online casino experience.