We understand the available bonuses could be decisive in the choice of a live casino. New online casinos open daily with a more than respectable live casino section. That is why more and more live casinos offer attractive bonuses as well. And if these bonuses fit into how you want to play, it could be a great way to earn extra money. The terms and conditions related to the bonus are an important element to take into consideration before claiming a live casino bonus. It is our job to break it all down for you. This way, you can easily decide if the bonus suits your gambling style and preference. On this page, you find a selection of available live casino bonuses, including the reviews of the related live casinos and T&C’s of the bonus.

Besides our selection of the best live casino bonuses, you can find the following topics about live casino bonuses:

  • What is a live casino bonus?
  • Which live casino bonus types are out there?
  • How to claim a live casino bonus?
  • Which terms and conditions are there to take into consideration?
  • What are wagering requirements?
  • Is it possible to play without a bonus?
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£/€10 Welcome Bonus
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100% Bonus up to €/$1.000 + 150 Spins
Minimum deposit €10
20x Wagering
New Players only
T&C Apply
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What is a live casino bonus?

The online casino industry is highly competitive. With more and more online casinos popping up every single day. That is why online casinos offer attractive bonuses to seduce players to join their casino. New online casinos often come with unique bonuses. The reason is simple. They need to attract visitors. This is a big difference in comparison with real casinos. A real land-based casino never offers bonuses. That is why we love to play at live casinos. In general, live casino bonuses are a great way to make money. In most cases the live casino adds bonus money into your account. Bonus money you can use to increase your balance. Of course, like every other promotion out there, they are also created to collect your business. And after this, keeping it and increasing it. But you can absolutely use this in your advantage. You just got to know how to play the bonuses.

Which live casino bonus types are out there?

The most common bonus is a deposit bonus. Players need to make a minimum deposit and get rewarded for doing this. Usually, a deposit bonus comes with a certain percentage that is being added to the deposit. The most common percentage is 100%. So, if you make a deposit of $100, you receive another $100 from the casino. These kinds of bonuses always come with additional wagering requirements. Unless it is stated otherwise. And if so, it’s probably in the name of the bonus. Deposit bonuses where it is possible to wager the bonus by playing live casino games are quite rare. But no worries. We are always looking for those rare live casino deposit bonuses.

The second bonus type is a cash-back bonus. This an offer that gives you a refund in the event of losing money. The sound of losing might not be that attractive, but cash-back bonuses are very welcome in our experience. These bonuses will give you a free opportunity to win back the money you lost. There are different types of cash-back bonuses. The first one is a deposit cash-back bonus. If you claim a deposit cash-back bonus of 25% and you deposit and lose $100, you receive $25 back from the live casino. The second cash-back bonus type is a daily, weekly or monthly cash-back bonus. This bonus is often awarded to frequent or VIP players. Because the live casinos want their frequent players to keep playing, they return a small percentage of the losses. Most of the times this is 10%.

The last bonus type we discuss is the no deposit bonus. Normally, it is not possible to play live casino without a deposit. But from time to time there are live casinos who give a small stake, like $5 or $10, to newly registered players. Live casino no deposit bonuses always come with a maximum amount that players can win. This normally varies between $50 and $100. You will need to be very lucky, because the terms and conditions towards winning real money are very challenging. You might need to wager a few thousand before being able to withdraw the bonus money. Nothing is free after all and unless you don’t mind the hassle, we feel that it is just easier to deposit the $5 or $10 to play with. If you just want to experience live casino games, it is rewarding to stroll our website looking for no deposit bonuses.

How to claim a live casino bonus?

The process to claiming always starts with creating an account. If you want to claim an exclusive bonus from us, the process starts by signing up via our website. This way, you visit a bonus page specifically designed for visitors of Using our website is the only way to claim our exclusive bonus offer.

To create an account at a live casino you have to provide all kinds of information to the casino. Think about personal stuff like a username and email address. You will also need to upload personal and financial information such as a copy of your ID or a copy of a gas bill to prove your financial details. Once your account has been created, you will receive an email from the casino asking you to confirm and verify your account. You can then log-in with your newly created username and password and you are ready to collect a bonus. It depends on the bonus itself whether you will need to follow-up the process with a deposit. You can quickly see if this is necessary by checking our bonus reviews.

Which terms and conditions are there to take into consideration?

The terms and conditions of a live casino bonus are not always clear. Some T&C’s can be very extensive and often unreasonable. That is why we separate the lousy bonuses from the good ones for you. And we make it clear for you, because it can be challenging to find all the T&C’s. This is what you can take into consideration before claiming a live casino bonus:

  • Maximum bonus amount
  • Bonus match percentage
  • Wagering requirements
  • Available games for wagering
  • Maximum cash-out limits
  • Minimum deposit
  • Maximum bet per round/spin
  • Live dealer contribution
  • Deposit method limitations

Maximum bonus amount

The maximum bonus amount in the end determines how much money you get from the live casino. In terms of a deposit bonus, this is related with the bonus match percentage. Usually, the maximum bonus amount varies between $20 and $500.

Bonus match percentage

This determines the quality of the bonus together with the T&C’s. It means how much money the live casino is putting up compared to your deposit. This normally varies between 25% and 500%. First deposits are usually better rewarded than second, third and fourth deposits.

Wagering requirements

The wagering requirements dictates how much you need to wager before the bonus money is turned into real money. Money that can be withdrawn. Always pay attention to the interpretation of the wagering requirement. Because some live casinos relate to the bonus amount + deposit, while others only relate to the bonus amount. This makes all the difference in the world.

Available games for wagering

Be aware of the available games that contribute towards the wagering requirements. We recommend claiming bonuses that include playing live casino games. Use our bonus reviews to check if the bonus meets this box.

Maximum cash-out limits

Some bonuses come with a maximum amount you could potentially win. We always try to rule out those bonuses, because we don’t think this is fair. You should always get what you’ve earned. The only exception is a no deposit bonus.

Minimum deposit

Most of the bonuses require a minimum deposit. This varies between $10 and $25, which we consider to be fair.

Maximum bet per round/spin 

All live casinos limit a bet per round or spin. This is no difference with the bonuses. This makes sense, because the less bets you place towards meeting the wagering requirements increase your chance of succeeding.

Live dealer contribution

If live casino games contribute towards wagering, they, in most cases, don’t contribute for the full 100%. This contribution factor is often overlooked by players. That is one of the reasons why we exist. The assigned percentage dictates what the contribution really is. For example, if the percentage of live casino games contribute for only 5%, you need to multiply the wagering requirements x 20.

Deposit method limitations 

Not every payment method is available when claiming a bonus. Neteller and Skrill are examples of payment who usually not available. This is because a lot of players who use bonuses are smart gamblers who are looking for ways to profit from the bonuses and generate losses for the casino.

What are wagering requirements?

The wagering requirement of a bonus dictate how many times a bonus needs to be played, before you it can be withdrawn. For example, if a player receives $50 bonus money and the bonus comes with a wagering coefficient of 40, the total amount that needs to be played is $50 x 40 = $2000. The reason these requirements exist is simple. It is protection for the live casino. Without the wagering requirements, a live casino would be bankrupt within a few minutes. The wagering requirement make it more challenging to turn the bonus money into real money, but certainly not impossible.

It is important to point out that live casino games could be ruled out or contribute less than 100% towards wagering. Sometimes the contribution is only 5%. This is always pointed out in the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a hassle to find this information at some casinos. Luckily for you, our bonus reviews are specifically designed to emphasize this.