Boom City


Boom City is a brand new Live Casino Game from Pragmatic Play. They’ve announced this new game at the conference in London. We spoke with the Product Developer from Pragmatic Play and he told us something huge was coming. Boom City was their brand new Game Show that will go live in June this year! So we have to wait for this game to go live, but we can tell you a little bit more about this game already.

The expectations are high and we understand that. Pragmatic Play has a good reputation within the Live Casino market. It’s one of the biggest software suppliers when it comes to Live Gaming. They also develop more and more new Game Shows. The last product was Sweet Bonanza Candyland, which was a huge success. That’s why we think that Boom City will meet all our expectations.

Boom City is a Dice Game, which is unique in the Game Show business. The better the presenter rolls, the higher the multiplier can be. You can also trigger 3 different bonus rounds, which can give you enormous multipliers!

We’ll discuss the following subjects on this page:

  • How to Play Boom City ?
  • Where can I play Boom City ?
  • Extra Features & Bonus Rounds
  • Payouts & RTP
  • Why Boom City?
  • Other Game Shows from Pragmatic Play

How to Play Boom City ?

Boom City is played with a gigantic wall. You see in total 36 boxes on this huge wall. The goal is to get the best prize on the wall and hit the bonus rounds of course. Every round starts with the betting time. You have a certain amount of time to place your bets. You have to bet at least €0.10 on one of the sections to participate. We don’t know the maximum bet yet. You have a total of 6 betting options, varying from multipliers to different exciting bonus rounds. Decide yourself on which sections you want to bet. Of course you don’t have to bet on all the sections. You have the following betting options:


  • 1x Multiplier
  • 2x Multiplier
  • 5x Multiplier

Bonus Rounds:

  • Dice Battle
  • Lucky Drop
  • Boom or Bust (Of Course)

When the betting time the real excitement starts, a real round of Boom City by Pragmatic Play. The 6×6 wall will fill with features, multipliers and bonus rounds. You see two gigantic dice. These dice are placed in a see-through case with a shaking platform underneath it. The outcome of these two dice is completely random. They’ve spent months developing the best dice, which are fair for the players and they are proven to be fair!

The outcome of the two dice determine your prize. One of the two dice determines the horizontal movement, so how many boxes you will go down. If you throw 4, you will go to the 4th box from the top. The other dice is to determine the vertical movement. If you throw a 3 there, you go to the third vertical reel. The box where they cross each other is the prize you get!


Where to Play Boom City ?

Boom City by Pragmatic Play isn’t live yet, but we know that this game will go live in June or July this year. So that’s pretty soon if you ask me. It’s good to know where you can play this game when it goes live. You can only play these games at online casinos where they offer you the live games from Pragmatic Play. So you can look on the internet for an online casino with Pragmatic Play or you choose one of the online casinos below. We’ve selected the Best Live Casino with Pragmatic Play for you! Open a free account at one of these online casinos and play Boom City immediately as it goes live.

Extra Features and Bonus Rounds

When you check the Betting Grid you see the three multipliers and three bonus rounds you can bet on, but you can also see extra features. ‘Power Up’ is one of those extra features, this gives the game extra excitement. When you hit the ‘Power Up’ feature every multiplier will be multiplied. Most of the time these multipliers will be doubled. Both dice will be rolled again and when the dice will land on one of your multipliers, you win the increased multipliers.

This is of course also the case with the bonus rounds. When you hit one of the bonus rounds after a ‘Power Up’, then you’ll go into the bonus rounds with this multiplier. That can give you some amazing multipliers!

The Bonus Rounds

There are in total three different bonus rounds you can bet on: Dice Battle, Lucky Drop or Boom or Bust! We always recommend everybody to bet on these bonus rounds, because this is where the real money can be made. We’ll briefly tell you more about these three bonus rounds and how to play them. All these bonus rounds are interactive, which is also pretty cool!

Dice Battle


When you enter the bonus you play with the same dice as before, but you don’t play with both dice. You have to choose between the left or right dice, which one will be yours? Both dice compete against each other in a 1 versus 1 race. Both dice are shaken a certain amount of times. The values of these dice are added up. It’s your job to guess which side gets the highest multiplier.

You can choose the Yellow or the Blue side. Once the rolls are done the one side with the highest multiplier wins. You don’t get just the highest multiplier, but you also get the multiplier from the losing side. So this could end up in a pretty good multiplier.

Did you lose the race? No problem, you get the multiplier of your side. So everyone’s a winner with the Dice Battle Bonus Round!

Lucky Drop

Another interactive bonus round and this time it’s Lucky Drop. You have to choose one of the six numbers on the dice. The two dice will be rolled six times in total. Every time that your number will show on one of the dice your  multiplier will rise. You can see your progress in the background.

You got a guaranteed 5x multiplier, but nobody wants this multiplier when you hit the bonus round. This bonus game can give you a multiplier up to 250x.


Boom or Bust

This is the bonus round you want to hit, Boom or Bust! The whole game is built around this Boom or Bust bonus round. They left the most exciting bonus round for the last. This is a 7 round bonus game. This is also the most interactive one, because you can decide yourself when you want to stop.

Do you want to quit before the 7 rounds are over or will you take the chance to risk it to the last round. We will tell you briefly how this bonus rounds work:

You have to climb a ladder. The further you come, the higher multipliers will be. Every round you have to choose a number between 1 to 6. The first round you have 5 numbers that are multipliers and one Red Cross. Did you hit a multiplier? The multiplier will be yours and you will move to the next level. If you choose a Red Cross, then you will get the lowest guaranteed multiplier. That’s why you can cash out if you want to, so you can guarantee yourself a good multiplier.

There are changes that the guaranteed multiplier increases. There are certain numbers that can assure you of a certain multiplier. After this you have a free shot for the next round.

Why Boom City ?

Boom City by Pragmatic Play is a complete new type of game. This is the first Game Show that works with dice. This is already an aspect that’s really appealing for us. The game is easy to understand, so no difficult betting options or bonus rounds. The chance of hitting a bonus round is pretty big, which makes this game much more interesting.

The bonus rounds themselves are also pretty cool. The bonus rounds are all interactive. I believe this is the first Game Show with only interactive bonus rounds. When you play Crazy Time or Monopoly Live you only have 1 or none interactive bonus rounds. The fact that you can choose your own path is amazing! I would definitely play this game when I go live.

Do you want to know when this game is live? Keep an eye on our News Page, because here at Live Casinos you’ll be the first to read all the lastest information!

Other Game Shows from Pragmatic Play

Boom City isn’t the first Game Show that Pragmatic Play developed. Since last year Pragmatic Play has really developed some interesting games for their players. They already have a pretty good portfolio with Live Casino Games at the moment. Now it’s time to keep the Pragmatic Play players interested. And they do that by adding a new Game Show, Boom City. But which games can you already play at Pragmatic Play Casinos?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland


Sweet Bonanza Candyland is one of the most popular Wheel of Fortune games. This game is based on their extremely popular slot Sweet Bonanza. They want to go after the huge success of Crazy Time and Monopoly Live. Every casino player has ever played the Sweet Bonanza slot. This game has a bright colored theme and the candies are everywhere. You can bet on the numbers 1, 2 and 5, but you can also bet on 3 different Bonus rounds.

  • Sugar Bomb – Get a 2x up to 10x multiplier on top of your next spin! You pay a 25% fee if you double multiply.
  • Candy Drop – 3 colored Candies will drop into a RNG machine. These Candies will pick up extra value or multipliers. You have to choose between Blue, Yellow or Red Candy.
  • Sweet Spins – This is the real bonus round. This bonus round is where the slot Sweet Bonanza will come in. You get 10 Free Spins for this slot and every hit will increase your multiplier.

ONE Blackjack

ONE Blackjack is a single-seat Blackjack game where an unlimited amount of players can join. You see a purple and luxurious studio with a dealer in there. The dealer will give you the cards and every player can decide for themselves if they want to hit, pass, double or split. So it’s possible that all the players make a different decision and some players will win and others lose.

The best part about this game is that you can bet on 4 different side bets. 2 of them are familiar for Blackjack players, the Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bet. The other two are new for most of you. Here are the 4 side bets you can bet on:

  • Perfect Pair
  • 21+3
  • Crazy 7
  • Bust Bonus