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July 21, 2018

Hot Online Casino Trends Drawing the Crowds

Online Casino Trends Everyone’s Talking About

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This new set of laws is being put in place by the European Union, however the reach of the changes is sure to be global. The idea is that any industry that operates from any country within the EU must adhere to a new and stringent set of privacy regulations.

The GDPR is expected to be one of the biggest regulations ever placed on the online casino world and is an absolute necessity in an increasingly unsafe online environment where players want to be able to enjoy their poker, keno, slots and more with peace of mind.

Responsible Gaming

Hand in hand with tighter data protection laws, this year the spotlight is on responsible gaming. The UK Gambling Commission is actively urging operators to take a more proactive approach to keeping their players safe. This means presenting players with the tools to manage their own gameplay, including cool off periods, banking limits and self-exclusions, as well as operators directly intervening if necessary to stop a player’s gaming.

With the help of AI and algorithms, there may well be more friction in the playing process as casinos give players reminders or cease their gaming. It may be frustrating, but it’s a price that must be paid in the interest of a sustainable industry.

Online Casinos Are More Engaging

New developments have certainly accelerated online engagement. With more attention focusing on the internet of things and improving technology, along with a focus on automation, we’re seeing a boom in online casinos.

There’s no doubt that this is one industry that can deal with the rapid expansion of online capabilities, from cryptocurrency markets to virtual reality and everything in between.

Not only do casinos offer the best mobile and desktop games, the engage in plenty of bonus opportunities, too. Combine all of this with a vast range of software – not possible in a land-based casino – and integration of different currencies, and it’s easy to see just how far other industries have to go before they can measure up to the modern methods of online engagement.

What the Future Holds

While we’re still working on the rules of a future dominated by the online world, there are certainly emerging patterns that have become too obvious to ignore., especially as we see with online casino trends.

A greater focus on social engagement and community is a given, as is the kinds of enticing online opportunities indicated by online casinos.

As for what the rest of 2018 holds… we can’t wait to see.