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Online Casinos and Live Dealers – Match Made

The mixture of these factors combines to create a unique gaming experience for online casino fans. When you use a live dealer, you get the chance to socialise and interact with fellow gamers. And, what with the development of technology like virtual reality, live dealer games only stand to get better and better, as well as being more available across many online casino platforms throughout the web. 

What You Need to Know About Online Live Dealers 

Getting to grips with the concept of live dealers at an online casino isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Firstly, a casino environment is set up in a land-based studio and then it is broadcast in real-time over the internet.  

The set up is rather expensive compared to a regular online casino setup. In order for an online casino operator to offer live dealer games, they need the following: 

  • Studio space 
  • Specialised lighting equipment and cameras that can handle the animation process 
  • Special staff who can handle and operate the special hardware 

The especially high costs of the above factors explain why there aren’t that many online casino games in the live dealer category just yet. It also explains why mostly the larger online casino operators offer live dealers. 

Special Technology for Special Gaming 

Online live dealer games use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This special technology allows the roulette and cards movements and placements to be processed quickly and effortlessly by the computer, just as if you were in a brick-and-mortar casino. The process further relays the relevant information back to you, pretty much instantly. 

Challenges that Live Dealers Face 

Live dealers are still a fairly new form of online casino gaming, which is why many online players are reluctant to play the games. However, we’re seeing more and more players overcome this hurdle as those who prefer online casino table games are more attracted to the more realistic way of live dealer games.  

Also, improvements in internet connectivity play a hand in the soaring popularity of players logging into live dealer games. The demands of these games tend to be more intensive than, say, online slots, and do require a faster connection speed since the games make use of both audio and video components in the setup. 

There are some online casinos that offer live dealer games in the form of TV shows. The games offer spinning games like roulette that require you to place the bets via your phone through the relevant casino app or even a text. 

Have you tried a live dealer game yet? Do you have a favourite?