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The benefits of playing live dealer games online

There are multiple advantages that live casino games have over the land-based versions. So, before you decide to step into a real casino, please be aware of the following advantages live casinos games bring to the table:

  • Play anywhere
  • Always have a place at the table
  • The widest game selection
  • Play at any time
  • Limitless game variations
  • The social advantage

Play anywhere

Nowadays we are used to control anything by desktop, tablet and mobile device. But when Live Casino games were introduced for the first time, it was only possible to play the games with PC’s and laptops. Therefore, it wasn’t possible to literally play from any place at any moment. Today, it is. The online casinos we review are specialized in offering live dealer games with barely to no decrease in quality. Obviously, on some level, this depends on your mobile device and internet connection. But most smartphones can run live dealer games just fine.

You can bring the excitement of playing against a real dealer or playing with real fellow gamblers on a table to the comfort of your living room. Even when you are relaxing in your bed, or while you are busy in your bathroom. You can even play while you are in the train heading to the office.

The online casinos and game providers we review all have specifically designed apps for Android, iPhone and iPad to play live casino games. These apps make the experience and interaction with real dealers run even smoother on your smartphone and tablet. Compared to playing live casino games on the website of the online casinos, nowadays we hardly see any decrease in the level of visual quality, security or the responsiveness. So, looking at the possibilities to play against a real dealer in your pajamas, we note a big plus for playing online live dealer games.

Always have a place at the table

Especially when land-based casinos are crowded it could happen that the table you want sit at is filled up. It often happened to us before we decided to start playing online. How often did you ended up waiting for a place at the table because a group of friends claimed the entire table? In the live casino section there are usually many different tables of similar games available at the same time. This means that you can join any of the Live Dealer games without a waiting period.

Due to the increasing volume in live dealer games, nowadays the chance of having to before entering a table of your preference is close to zero. When there are hundreds of tables in different categories to choose from and many different live casino providers, there is always a live dealer game waiting for you!

Not limited to opening hours

Yes, the casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau are open 24/7, but most of the local casinos have limited opening hours. Therefore, it could happen that you are in the mood of gambling and there isn’t any casino open in your neighborhood. Luckily, the live casino section of online casinos is always open and available. So, it doesn’t matter at what time you want to gamble, there is always a possibility to play at a live dealer table. And with the increasing number of live dealer games and providers, there is always a table and dealer ready for you.

Limitless game variations

The first live dealer game was launched in 2006 by Microgaming. The first game that was played online with a live dealer was Baccarat. Later that year, one of the biggest competitors nowadays, Evolution Gaming, also launched the first online game hosted by a live dealer. The next three years Evolution quickly made contracts with some of the biggest casinos to host multiple live dealer games. Fun fact: these days many live dealer games are hosted at the biggest casinos in the world. So, the live casino section we know now started with a game of Baccarat. The most popular games these days are Roulette and Blackjack. However, other relatively new live casino games increase in popularity as well.

Over the last years the game portfolio expanded with different types of games. Not only the well-known table games, but also popular gameshows and even boardgames are now available as live dealer version. At some online casinos you can participate in shows like Who wants to be a millionaire? And you can play popular boardgames like Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune and many more. Even if you are not a big fan of boardgames, playing it online for real money makes it a completely new experience.

Blackjack variations

If we compare the live casino section with the extremely wide offer of different slot games, the offer looks pretty small. But there is no need to be disappointed about this. Most of the online casinos with a serious live casino section offer games in lots of different version. Live Blackjack, for example, is a classic live casino game which can be available in 20 or sometimes 30 different versions. Beside the classic versions, the online casinos we recommend often offer versions like European Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, Speed Blackjack or Unlimited Blackjack. Some of the online casinos also offer special VIP tables with a private salon for high wagering players. Pretty cool, right?

Looking at the example of Roulette, there are also a wide range of versions available at our live casinos. From the Classic version to Speed Roulette, and from American to European and Arabic Roulette. Games like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker have different versions in countries or regions. And they are all available if you choose to play online.

The social advantage

Yes, land-based casinos have a social function. You can talk to your fellow gamblers, have a drink and interact with the dealers. After the introduction of live dealer games, some players missed out the social part of gambling. That is why the online casinos introduced a chat function to the live dealer games. With a live chat you can easily interact with the dealer as well as the other players at the table. This creates a fun, social aspect. Players tend to communicate with other players more easily compared to a land-based table.

Playing live dealer games also have a major benefit over land-based casinos. For gamblers who love to play table games like Poker, but own a lousy poker-face, this is the solution. Online, you don’t have to hide your excitement at all. You can shout and jump up and down when you have a winning hand, without anyone noticing it. Other than that, maybe you are that guy or girl who prefers sweats or pajamas over dressing-up. And you can play listening to your favorite music, relaxing on your sofa and grab a bite to eat whenever you feel like it.